The Lolita Project

  Two Sundays I started a little personal project that I'm calling "The Lolita Project."  Basically, the goal is to incorporate lolita-like elements into my life - everything from fashion to habbits and other lifestyle things.
  As of today, I have two outfits (coordinates?) planed.  The first could be considered sweet lolita or country lolita.  I'm basing it around a white and red 30s cloche-style hat I have and my brown oxford heels.  It will be the hat, a white blouse with a red ribbon tied under the collar (very Ciel Phantomhive), a highwaisted khaki skirt with a band or two of red ribbon around the bottom, a petticoat and bloomers, white or off-white tights, and my brown heels.
  The second would be a kodona/boystyle outfit with definite steampunk influences.  It would be a small top hat or fascinator thing, a white blouse with a brown or black ribbon at the collar (or a tie in one of those colors, or a white cravat), a black blazer, a brown well-fitted waistcoat, black pants (like these with my black and grey striped OTKs or black tights, and some sort of black or brown shoe.  I also want a detachable bustle to wear over the pants, probably in dark blue or burgandy.
  Also, I'm going to a con with my friends in February and cosplaying Ciel Phantomhive, so I could re-use some pieces from that to make a new coordinate or to mix and match with my kodona one.
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